In Kashgar

Hi everyone!

Last night I arrived in Kashgar after a horrendous 18 hour journey on gravel roads from Osh in Kirgizstan over the mountains. Me and a Russian/American guy named Sergei shared the bus with 10 other Uzbek women. They loudly complained that we (me) stank and one in perticular were not late to show her feelings toward me by pulling her nose and make faces. Do I stink? Yes ,sometimes I do. But as I later found out, the bus have not been used for 6 months with unwashed bed sheets lying around so it wasn't (completely) my fault. Just blame it on the foreigners...

So what is happening now? Tomorrow at 10am Bejing time I will travel up the Karakorum Highway to a small village at the foot of the mountain called Subahi. From there it is about 3-4 hours by foot until I reach Base Camp. I'm doing some last minute shopping today and trying to treat my stomach that isn't very well. Surprise, surprise..

Then I have approximately 25 days on the mountain. I hope to get to the summit sooner because I don't have that extra kilos of fat on my body that it's good when climbing. I will surely look like a ghost when coming down.

I'll post a bunch of pictures of my joruney so far but you won't see any updates here until late July. Some of you will maybe get a text because mobile phones do work in BC!

Martin and Jeff are cycling through Tibet now and will show up in BC on the 26th,  I will probably stick around and wait for them.

For you who that I have forgotten to inform about this trip can read more about the mountain here:

Hmm..anything else....?

Have a great summer and see you all soon I hope!


Postat av: Rickard

Hoppas det går fint! Själv har jag blivit en riktig skogsmulle här i norska fjällen. Plockar bär och grejer. Ha d bra!

2007-07-20 @ 17:29:20
Postat av: Zatti

Önskar dig all lycka och välgång denna gången också!!! Kramar

2007-07-25 @ 00:04:15

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